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drollicaeipathy [userpic]

Question/Comment BSG 3.01

October 16th, 2006 (10:17 pm)

local: our darkened "office"
mood: contemplative
tunes: silence

So I was rewatching BSG 3.01 the other day and made a mental note that it was Mars Day. Or so Laura comments, because of the irony of celebrating the god of war while being occupied by the cylons. But now, here is my question. I thought Mars was the god of war to the Romans, not the Greeks. The Greek god of war was Ares (savage war) and also Athena (strategic war). So, um, yeah.

So, my theory...
The Colonial Fleet and the Twelve Colonies are actually from Earth in the year 2200CE or something. Left Earth, went to Kobol, re-established the Greek religion, founded the Twelve Colonies, and now they are searching for long lost Earth. Which, I think will be in the year like 5800CE or something when they get here. Anyway, it would explain why they celebrate a Roman god's holiday.

But maybe I'm wrong and she didn't say Mars, I'd check but all is quiet here and the episode would break that quietness. *shrugs*


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